Why Our Investors Choose Reside Capital

Why Our Investors Choose Reside Capital

How Reside Capital Creates Multigenerational Wealth for Investors


Real estate assets react differently to the same economic event, as they are negatively correlated to other major (intangible) asset classes. A diversified portfolio protects investors and allows them to weather the natural ebbs and flows of the economy over time.

Stable Income

Reside Capital's assets generate regular rental income over the long-term and give investors a set monthly cash flow to supplement their income.

Asset Appreciation

Holding assets over time can result in increased property value and mortgage financing paydown, allowing investments to grow in addition to monthly cash flow.

Tax Benefits

Reside Capital allows partners/investors to claim depreciation and deductions just like a hands-on real estate investor would, without having to lift a finger.

Inflation Hedging

Real estate investments compared to cash maintain the long-term purchasing power of capital and mitigate investors' net worth loss due to inflation.

Risk-Adjusted Returns

Real Estate historically has lower volatility relative to equity and bonds, allowing investors to avoid the ups and downs of the market for a smoother investment experience.

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