What You Should Know about Escrow

What You Should Know about Escrow

What You Should Know about Escrow

If you are interested in real estate, you have certainly heard the term 'escrow.'  When it comes to buying or selling real estate property, escrow is when a third-party holds the large sum of money for buying or selling a property until certain conditions are met.  This is typically done until contingencies are met or until purchase agreements have been filed.  When you are looking to invest in multifamily real estate joint ventures, you will likely encounter the escrow process.  Before you get started with your real estate investments, there are a few things you should understand about the escrow process.

Opening Escrow is the First Step

The first phase of this process involves collecting all the necessary information from all the parties that are involved.  This can involve any stipulations that are relevant to the escrow and the price of the home or property being sold.  All of this information has to be collected properly, which is why you will want the help of other professionals.

It Involves Checking on the Title

Before ownership is transferred to the buyer, all the Title documents will need to check out.  Title companies will often work closely with you to ensure that all encumbrances are cleared from the Title.   This typically includes any liens, judgements, forgeries, fraud, or anything else that will need to be cleared before the Title can go through processing.

This Process Requires Many Documents

In order to process escrow, you will need to collect much more information and use many more documents.  This can become taxing, so you want the process to be in the right hands.  To get to the closing, you will need to obtain a preliminary Title Report, secure the funds necessary for the transaction, and sign any relevant documents.  Often times, the third-party will handle all the documents to make sure that other parties follow the instructions and that they are all filed properly.  

The Closing Signifies the End

Whenever people finally find their multifamily investment property, they will be eager to finally reaching the closing.  This is the final step that marks the transfer of power in the real estate exchange, which will finally give the buyer ownership.  In order to make the closing go smoothly, all of the parties involved will need to come prepared with the right statements, loan information, and Title information.  Without the proper documentation and funds, the closing will not be able to occur.

These are just a few simple facts that help you better understand the escrow process so that you can make the best choices for your financial future.  When you choose to invest in multifamily real estate joint ventures, you and your business partners may be engaged in negotiations with your sellers, and this could end up in escrow.  Contact us if you are looking for make investments in multifamily real estate today.

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