Amenities You Should Look for When You Invest in Multifamily Real Estate

Amenities You Should Look for When You Invest in Multifamily Real Estate

Amenities You Should Look for When You Invest in Multifamily Real Estate

Whenever you are seeking out the best multifamily investments for you, you want to first consider the types of complexes that offer many amenities.  This is because those complexes with more quality in their amenities will likely acquire more renters.  When you have more renters, you see more of a return on your income and make multifamily real estate passive income.  It is important to invest in a property that offers a wide array of popular and unique amenities that many people never realized they wanted until they toured your place.

Game Room

Game rooms will provide your tenants with plenty to do.  With a billiards table, shuffleboard, and racing simulator, residents will love to spend the afternoons and evenings in here playing games with their friends.  Many residents will choose your apartment complex simply for the use of the game room.

Movie Theater

A movie theater is a unique and luxurious feature that will certainly get the attention of many potential renters.  By giving your renters an opportunity to watch any movie they desire on the big screen, you will attract many renters that are movie buffs looking to socialize with your neighbors.  A movie theater is a hugely attractive marketing tactic.

Monthly Resident Activities

When you schedule activities for your residents each month, you will create a community worth living in.   This also might help decrease your turnover rates, which will save you money in the long run.  By creating a great environment to live, you also create a great reputation that may spread to others and bring you more business.

Community Fire Pit

After a long week, your residents might just want to spend relaxing under the stars around a bonfire pit with their friends.  A community fire pit will offer your guests the opportunity to enjoy the ambiance of a fire as they relax and rest on our comfortable lounge furniture.

Coffee Bars

Many apartment residents have a desire to drink coffee every day, so offering this service may have many young professionals jumping at the chance to live in your building.  This will give anyone a chance to have a great cup of coffee before they hear to work.

Resort Style Swimming Pool

Swimming pools offer residents a popular spot to unwind, relax, and get relief from the heat.  We have many lounge chairs that are will always be available to your residents who love to spend their day poolside and taking an occasional dip when they need to cool off.  They will even have a chance to exercise by doing their daily laps in the pool as well.

Pet Park and Spa

Many of our dog owners love the pet park and spa that is on our apartment grounds.  After being at work all day, renters love the opportunity to rest on a bench while their furry friend gets out their energy and plays with other dogs at the pet park.  This also opens the doors to hosting many renters that have pets, which is becoming increasingly popular.

These are just a few of the most popular amenities that attract renters to a particular apartment complex.  When you have these many amenities, you will definitely get more business in your multifamily investments and you real estate decision will be the best you've ever made.  Contact Reside Capital today to hear about our real estate investments available.


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